CHICUU:It's Saturday! Try This BF Style And Stay Cool

Here comes the weekend!Are you ready for a date,with friends or with your BF?Let's just try something special,you should not miss this trendy BF style,just give him a big surprise!!
Boyfriend cut refers to women's clothing that are cut loose in the style of menswear.The look achieved when wearing a boyfriend cut sweater or jeans is as though you borrowed an item of clothing from your boyfriend's closet.
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The roomier garments that your boyfriend might wear are often quite comfortable, resulting in the deliberate raiding of closets of boyfriends, brothers, husbands and dads. Since the look is popular, some women's clothing is now boyfriend style, which must come as some relief to the many men out there whose clothes are regularly pillaged by fashion or comfort conscious females. 
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When you're in a relationship with someone, it's only natural if, sooner or later, his or her sense of style starts to rub off on you. Got an SO with a sneaker addiction? You may end up rocking a pair. Dating a guy who loves plaid? just Bring on this shirts and jeans.

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